International Theatre Workshop

02 - 10 January 2013
17-21 pm.
Malomudvar Színházi Műhely
Budapest., Soroksári u. 48.

This workshop is parallel to our next theatre project, working with the expessions of the actor's body. We are searching how to speak about feelings without words, how to tell stories and how to create characters on the stage.

The participants can discover their own organic way to reach creative presence and to make strong decisions for personal acting.

In this 10 days we will meet our images (like in a mirror); it is sometimes like walking in a deep forest or in a labyrinth, looking for real life of our soul and body - or for our creatures on stage.

The teachers are members from Radical Freetime Theatre, and the method is based on our experiments of the last few years working on different theatre projects.

The language of the workshop is English and Hungarian.

You can check-in and ask more information:

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